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  • Many feared dead in Libya sinkings
  • Victim's father urges US gun reform
  • Facebook hits billion users in a day
  • UK jihadist 'killed in drone strike'
  • Chinese shares continue recovery
  • Brain cells 'burn out' in Parkinson's
  • Obama: New Orleans 'moving forward'
  • Austria police examine lorry bodies
  • US blacklists Colombia 'Farc members'
  • 'Great Escape' survivor dies at 101
  • Saudi Arabia sees Mers deaths surge
  • Young goths 'at risk of depression'
  • VIDEO: The refugees who have fled Syria
  • VIDEO: 'Mr President, you need to do this'
  • VIDEO: Utoeya : Survivor faces deportation
  • VIDEO: Katrina 'became a man-made disaster'
  • VIDEO: Reporting on your colleagues' death
  • VIDEO: Knut died of autoimmune illness
  • VIDEO: Daughter 'gives Tutu hugs from well-wishers'
  • VIDEO: Inside a Kenyan speciality tea factory
  • Will a Turkish border deal block IS recruits?
  • Did French media put lives at risk?
  • Troubled history of Virginia gunman Flanagan
  • The politics behind China's stock market turbulence
  • Usain Bolt knocked down in Beijing - in pictures
  • Taylor and Lisa Kudrow sing Smelly Cat
  • Google rejects EU's abuse complaint
  • US growth revision boosts markets
  • Social media 'must rethink autoplay'
  • Ashley Madison: Two women's stories
  • Final Terry Pratchett book on sale
  • SoundCloud to be sued over royalties
  • Knut polar bear death riddle solved
  • Inmarsat set for key rocket launch
  • Blood test 'detects cancer relapse'
  • Laser detects brain tumour during surgery
  • Arsenal face Bayern in group stage
  • De Bruyne offered 'astonishing' wage
  • US barbecue's gentrification problem
  • The age of the tragic selfie
  • US warns South Sudan over peace
  • Nigeria anti-graft boss 'not corrupt'
  • Gujarat still tense after violence
  • Ice doctors to repair Everest route
  • Greece names first woman as interim PM
  • Poles warned off 'gold train' hunt
  • Anger as Venezuela border stays shut
  • Bolt beats Gatlin to complete double
  • Qatar Airways relaxes pregnancy rules
  • Car bomb kills two Iraqi generals
  • Walmart to halt some gun sales in US
  • Smaller panda cub twin dies in US
  • In pictures: Agatha Christie: Unfinished Portrait
  • The stocks fall in facial expressions
  • Are Pakistanís female medical students to be doctors or wives?
  • Quiz of the week's news
  • Why do some people refer to themselves in the third person?
  • Europe's life-jacket capital
  • VIDEO: 'It's like the end of the Earth'
  • India's Haryana sets up all-women police stations
  • Senegal migrant town mourns lost sons
  • VIDEO: How did thousands watch a murder video by mistake?
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