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  • 'Final assault' on Falluja begins
  • Kidnapped Mexico footballer Pulido freed
  • Bleaching 'killing Great Barrier Reef'
  • Search resumes for abandoned Japan boy
  • Trump: Illegals treated better than vets
  • Crocodile snatches woman night swimmer
  • Japan hostage photo from Syria 'genuine'
  • Eleven gunned down in Venezuela
  • Backlash over gorilla killing at US zoo
  • UN peacekeepers killed in Mali attack
  • Students die as live wire falls on bus
  • Nepal man wins world's highest marathon
  • VIDEO: Bikers in Washington honour US war veterans
  • VIDEO: No sari needed to pick coconuts in India
  • VIDEO: Can you force people to care for the elderly?
  • VIDEO: 'Human arrow' leap over Great Wall of China
  • VIDEO: Elephant calf rescued from drain
  • VIDEO: 'Islamic State' tunnels found in Falluja
  • VIDEO: WW2 aircraft pulled from Hudson River
  • VIDEO: Gorilla drags boy through zoo moat
  • Niger battles terrorism threats on all fronts
  • Why is the US turning to protectionism?
  • VIDEO: Is Vladimir Putin really trying to break up the EU?
  • VIDEO: How did Iraq get so violent?
  • China bans students tearing up textbooks
  • India plane wreckage becomes tourist attraction
  • Brexit 'blow' to economy - ex-WTO boss
  • Lufthansa to suspend Venezuela flights
  • Apple fights call to block Facetime
  • Chinese backlash over Windows 10 push
  • Top Gear returns with new hosts
  • Glee actor charged over child porn
  • Eve the Jurassic sea monster
  • DNA 'tape recorder' to trace cell history
  • WHO seeks to allay Zika Olympics fears
  • Infections resist 'last antibiotic' in US
  • Sri Lanka stall England victory bid
  • Hamilton thanks 'gentleman' Rosberg
  • I had to leave my partner to lose weight
  • How rare are bright blue lobsters?
  • Shipwrecks 'kill up to 700 migrants'
  • India arrests over assaults on Africans
  • China firm sorry over race-row advert
  • VIDEO: Sydney Opera House shines in light display
  • Leaders mark Verdun with EU unity plea
  • Khan joins PM to urge EU Remain vote
  • Crisis talks over Brazil 'mass rape'
  • Ex-Argentine junta leader jailed
  • Top Syrian negotiator quits peace talks
  • Iran and Saudis fail to solve Hajj row
  • US Libertarians choose candidate
  • Kim Jong-un aunt 'lives American Dream'
  • Week in pictures
  • In pictures: The barbers of Freetown
  • Fleeing Saddam with the Kurds
  • Switzerland's forgotten role in saving WW1 lives
  • Painting through Manila's murky waters
  • The teenage computer smuggler
  • Female WW2 pilots win Arlington burial
  • Hospitality on hold as Damascus prepares for Ramadan
  • The opium farmers with the police on their side
  • Alma telescope peers into space
  • Jatra: India's former folk theatre actors struggle to survive
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