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Technology News

Latest technology news helps you stay on the cutting edge with the latest computer, science and space news. Learn about the latest advances and more with our technology news.

  • 'Sophisticated' Regin spyware found
  • Breached camera site owner seeks job
  • Google case over web abuse settled
  • BT and Telefonica in talks over O2
  • New web data powers plan for police
  • Police make computer hijack arrests
  • Google tries ad-free net experiment
  • Robots face new creativity test
  • Warnings on 'complex' Android virus
  • Russian site lists breached webcams
  • 'Poorest of poor' test talking tech
  • Amnesty releases anti-spying program
  • Embrace the arts, engineers told
  • Google and Rockstar end patent suit
  • Iran frees 'Blogfather' Derakhshan
  • Feminist Hacker Barbie
  • Yahoo to take over search on Firefox
  • Apple to push Beats to all iPhones
  • Android 5.0 update causes problems
  • Microsoft faults knock sites offline
  • Animators face 4K film 'challenge'
  • WhatsApp starts encrypting messages
  • UK to get 'faster, cheaper' 4G data
  • Google makes image recognition leap
  • Your Twitter history is now public
  • Topless sunbather pictured by drone
  • Foo Fighters to password in six steps
  • Call of Duty passes $10bn in sales
  • VIDEO: TV technology for the 2020 Olympics
  • VIDEO: Festival celebrates indie gaming
  • VIDEO: Playing music with your brain
  • VIDEO: App helps you wake up with a stranger
  • VIDEO: Tech for night-time photography
  • VIDEO: Smart mirror offers wrinkle advice
  • VIDEO: Messaging app to tackle bullying
  • VIDEO: The 'house of hacking horrors'
  • Please clamber around the exhibit
  • Ultra HD gives firms clearer picture
  • VIDEO: Flying the 'Nintendo' fighter jet
  • The couple who changed the way we shop
  • Giant robot trucks rise in Australia
  • Crowd investing opens up high finance
  • Nokia's brand name merry-go-round
  • How Knight Rider predicted the future
  • VIDEO: The kit that helps you invent gadgets

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