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Technology News

Latest technology news helps you stay on the cutting edge with the latest computer, science and space news. Learn about the latest advances and more with our technology news.

  • Facebook told to stop collecting German WhatsApp data
  • DJI's Mavic Pro fold-up drone detects obstacles
  • Candy Crush Saga: Life beyond level 2,000
  • Samsung reveals 60% of 'unsafe' Galaxy Notes exchanged
  • Sale of Kodi 'fully-loaded' streaming boxes faces legal test
  • Materials programmed to shape shift
  • Google pushes into India with free wi-fi
  • US tech firm sued over Asian recruitment discrimination
  • Ofcom to crowdsource UK mobile coverage
  • Major labels sue YouTube ripping site
  • Maps to help drivers find parking spaces
  • Customers 'bewildered and fearful' about use of their data
  • BBC iPlayer login will be required from 2017
  • Dog microchips: Outdated contact details leave animals unclaimed
  • Samsung delays restarting sales of its Galaxy Note 7 in S Korea
  • Yahoo 'state' hackers stole data from 500 million users
  • Plane crew douse smoking Samsung phone
  • UK 'has never been more addicted to smartphones'
  • Facebook 'overestimated' video viewing time
  • Twitter shares soar almost 20% on takeover talk
  • Amazon has been fined 65,000 for trying to fly dangerous goods
  • Google Deepmind: Should patients trust the company with their data?
  • Cancer blogger Anna Swabey fundraising target met
  • TV energy efficiency ratings 'flawed'
  • Massive web attack hits security blogger
  • Cuba plans to install wi-fi on Havana's iconic Malecon seafront
  • YouTube launches scheme to offer rewards to users who report videos
  • MI6 set to recruit 1,000 extra staff
  • Zuckerberg and Chan aim to tackle all disease by 2100
  • Lenovo's Signature laptops refuse to install Linux
  • Windows 10 software condemned by Which?
  • Malware-infected USB sticks posted to Australian homes
  • Google weakens Allo chat app privacy promise
  • What the North Korean internet really looks like
  • Government 'committed' to Alan Turing gay pardon law
  • Smartphone locks cracked by Israel's Cellebrite
  • Is the party over for free wi-fi in cafes?
  • How people use their phones in bed
  • What if Yahoo hackers have my details?
  • Incredible machines fix simple problems
  • EGX 2016: What's new at UK's biggest gaming event?
  • The robot which can climb stairs and other tech news
  • Yahoo breach: Troy Hunt gives tips to protect yourself
  • Is anyone really drilling earphone jacks into their iPhone?
  • China's Geely auto group backs Bloodhound
  • The tech behind Kubo and the Two Strings
  • AI creates movie trailer and other tech news
  • How tech is helping a casino catch the cheats
  • Exoskeleton gloves allow you to feel in VR and other news
  • The drugs don't work
  • Saving Eurovision
  • All my own work
  • Get off my land!
  • Saved by the internet
  • Testing for Ebola
  • Saving honey bees
  • Bears with keyboards
  • GoPro Karma drone: Hands on with the foldable quadcopter
  • Connected tech: Smart home robots and sake fridges
  • PS4 Pro is 'future-proof' PlayStation
  • Hands-on with new iPhone 7 and Airpods
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