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Technology News

Latest technology news helps you stay on the cutting edge with the latest computer, science and space news. Learn about the latest advances and more with our technology news.

  • Driverless Roborace car speeds around Donington
  • Apple facing record bill for Irish tax
  • Kim Dotcom wins right to livestream extradition appeal
  • Sri Lankan teenager held over hacking of president's website
  • Iran rolls out domestic internet
  • Bourne's 3D conversion sends Chinese heads spinning
  • China launches own aircraft engine-maker to rival the West
  • Uber suspends services in Abu Dhabi
  • Facebook overhauls Trending feature after bias claims
  • 'First Apple computer' sells for $815,000
  • Hundreds of Pokemon Go incidents logged by police
  • Russian MP's son convicted of hacking scheme
  • US authorities investigate cyber-attack against Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones
  • WhatsApp users to receive adverts
  • HP laptop blocks over-shoulder snooping
  • Lawnmower prompts Northern Lights alert
  • McDonald's fitness bands recalled after skin-burn complaints
  • Microsoft Excel blamed for gene study errors
  • Italy quake rescuers ask locals to unlock their wi-fi
  • Uber adds advance bookings in London
  • Head teacher Ashley Yates jailed for filming pupils in toilets
  • Airlander 10: Longest aircraft hit power cable before nosediving
  • Pokemon Go-playing driver kills woman in Japan
  • Asian companies have world's worst cybersecurity says study
  • Apple accused of iPhone 6 'touch disease' defect
  • Self-driving taxi trial kicks off in Singapore
  • Google punishes sites with pop-up adverts
  • Ghostbusters star hit by cyber-attack
  • University hit 21 times in one year by ransomware
  • How good is Tibet's Beijing-backed search engine?
  • India investigating French submarine company data leak
  • Russian hackers 'targeted New York Times'
  • Poor security 'aided' Ashley Madison hack
  • Pneumatic octopus is first soft, solo robot
  • Facebook launches Lifestage app for school teens
  • Windows 10 update stops webcams working
  • North Korea 'Netflix' device unveiled
  • Gun crime tech 'failed to save lives' in Chicago
  • Drones seized over HMP Pentonville carrying drugs and phones
  • Kim Dotcom explains why he wanted his appeal livestreamed.
  • Meet the Premier League's first e-sports player
  • Meet the professional online gambler
  • Exoskeleton gloves allow you to feel in VR and other news
  • Driverless taxis roam Singapore streets
  • Flipped 3D printer makes giant objects
  • Ford reveals driverless taxi plan
  • A bag you fill with air to turn into a chair and other gadgets
  • Wood fuel plan to cut plane CO2 branded as 'pipe dream'
  • Tidal energy turbines connected to grid
  • Children make 3D-printed boot for penguin and other news
  • Low-cost underwater drone explores SS Tahoe shipwreck
  • Why fencing with a drone could make it smarter
  • How HoloLens is helping Nasa design the next Mars rover
  • Feel the rhythm
  • Love to chat
  • Has Pokemon peaked?
  • Chewing down on Android
  • Voting apps
  • Who's bugging you?
  • Wikileaks screening
  • Can't wait, won't wait!
  • Take me to paradise
  • Meet the man cycling the UK using virtual reality
  • Phones built for builders are they tough enough?
  • No Man's Sky game lifts off
  • Technology explained: What is augmented reality?
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